Wet scrubbers are designed to remove particulate from a directed air stream. The wet scrubbers are therefore highly sensitive to the mechanisms used to transport the particulate to the collector, as well as the downstream effects caused by the exhaust system. Our engineering staff will ensure that the delivery of particulate laden air and the exhaust system will not affect the process of your cleaning operation.

DeVansco offers innovative engineering solutions with industry leading expertise. Using leading edge computer software, our engineering staff will consult with your team to design a custom dust collection system including all pickup points, air and duct works.


Contact us for your needs in pickup devices, sound control and attenuators, monitoring systems and safety devices. Along with these devices we also provide heat tracing equipment for freeze protection of the water supply.



Selecting the right ductwork material for your application is crucial. Allow us to help you decide whether your abrasive application is in need of our specialty wear elbows, available in cast iron, ceramic or hard plate material.

Regular ducting and fittings are available in all common sheet metal sizes.

Should you need a supply of ducts, transitions, branches or wye’s, our parts department will be glad to assist you.



Our team of highly qualified experts is eager to assist you in making the right choices for installing your wet scrubber system.

In designing wet scrubber applications, the most important factors to consider are the sizes and numbers of pickup points, static pressure, and volume needed to be moved from these points.

Let us consult with you to ensure that you are selecting the right duct sizes, fans, and collection system for your application. We’ll also help you determine whether to have the scrubbed air re-circulated back into your building, or directed outside. Fan placement and the effects of moving air in relation to your particular application will also be discussed in detail with you.

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